All four test periods finalized!

Apr 30, 2022 | News

During the end of April all four test periods promised in the LIFE HaloSep plant has been completed according to plan. The test periods are

1) Low salt: Where all scrubber liquid and fly ash are used in the process which results in a low salt brine which can be released to recipient or used as road salt.

2) External Ash: Fly ash from the waste to energy plant Amager Resource Center (Amager Bakke) was successfully run.

3) High Salt: The operational conditions promote a high salt concentration, which facilitate salt recycling. Analysis shows 12-13% of salt in the salt product.

4) High zinc: The operation is operated to enhance the extraction of zinc. Results from the last test period is still pending.

During the test periods over 2,000 samples have been taken, compiled and sent for analysis. Now follows a herculean task to summarize, analyze and document the results of the LIFE HaloSep project.

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